Elizabeth Edwards:A true champion in life and death 1949-2010

Today, the world lost a true champion in the death of Elizabeth Edwards. She represented so many things for women, as she fought breast cancer, and a failed marriage, and the death of her son. In our lifetime, we tend to have one life challenge at a time, however, Elizabeth weathered more than most, while living in the public eye.

There are many people whom Elizabeth touched throughout her personal battles, as she was brutally honest about her feelings, and her need to heal and concentrate on her children in that she separated from her husband, John Edwards for his affair. Despite all of her trials and tribulations, Elizabeth always appeared with a smile, and seemed hopeful for the future.

As a woman, Elizabeth was a mother, wife, sister, and friend to all. I must add that she was a tremendous teacher. The lessons she left behind was to confront your biggest fears, no matter what they are, and make the most of your life. Even while doing it with a broken heart. Elizabeth said in a recent interview, all she wanted was for her husband to be faithful to her. We know how it turned out.

I pray that women really look at their lives and make responsible decisions about who they choose to love. As much of an inspiration Elizabeth Edwards was and will remain to be, she died of breast cancer and a broken heart. There are 3 children now, without a mother.

I pray that John can set aside his narcissitic ego, and go to counseling with his children to help deal with the loss of their mom. Please keep Rielle away from the children, as everytime they look at her, they will remember the pain she put their mother through.

Women have to be accountable for having affairs with married men. The marital vows include one from the bride, and one from the groom to each other. This affair did affect Elizabeth’s health as it was such a strong sense of betrayal, and lost of trust.

I am hopeful that the lessons Elizabeth Edwards left behind will be around for a long time to come. I, for one, will by her books as a form of sisterhood. Forever, may you find peace, and your family comforted by your warmth, charm, style, and character.

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