Score No More! The Spartans are heading to the Final Four

There is nothing like the frenzy of the NCAA’s March Madness when some of the best universities at the top of their game compete at such a high level. Nothing is predictable. Nothing is guaranteed. It is why I find it as a sports fan, must-see television! It is quite amazing to follow the teams throughout the year, especially the home teams. In my case, MSU, who let’s face it, were underdogs by all of the sports pundits accounts. Look at Sparty now!

Coach Izzo led his team to the Final Four for the first time since 2010 with players that were a serious work in progress the whole season.  At times this season, Izzo’s team displayed little glimmers of hope here and there, but with injuries that plagued the team earlier and shoddy play with losses like the one from Wisconsin a few weeks ago, fueled speculation of doubt, and gave birth to a new generation of naysayers who normally root for MSU, and rival foes who enjoy the privilege of saying, “I told you so!” 

Coach Izzo’s current class in my opinion, truly was the challenge of his entire coaching career at MSU. They struggled to win games this season due to the sloppy play, and poor free throw attempts which were pathetic! It is easy to see how fans, and pundits alike, wrote the Spartan’s off this year. You can believe that the Spartans made it to the top of few brackets going in to this year’s dance.

Rick Pitino and the Cardinals came to play and it was evident in the fast pace the game got off to. As a Spartan fan, Wayne Blackshear had me nervous. Even when he sat because of his nosebleed, only to come back into the game moments later, had me biting my nails along with the excessive fouls committed by the 7th seeded Spartans.   Montrezl Harrell’s domination of the game in the first half and as we headed into overtime left me beside myself with disgust that we didn’t put Louisville away when they had a chance due to free throws. The Cardinal’s were a play away from victory! This was a game that didn’t have to go into overtime.  Let’s just say it was a good thing I was at home watching the game, because I may have been thrown out of a bar because of my colorful language!

Denzel Valentine,Travis Trice, and  Brandon Dawson got the running game going, and at time they were sluggish, but you could see they were on a mission, and I am glad to witness seeing these young players turn into men out on the court. Wishing the Spartans well on their way to Indy! This has been a dominating month of Izzo!

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