Update on New Book Release for One Foot Outside The Door

I have not written on this blog in ages, as I have been working on The Amorous Trilogy, which features two upcoming novels this year. The first book,  One Foot Outside The Door, is actually is a revised edition that was originally published in 2007. As a writer, the goal of writing a novel or book of any kind for me has been to finish the damn thing and be done with it! The thing is the euphoria you get from it is short-lived once you go through the editing process.

As a former English major with over 60 undergraduate credits, I felt like I could take on both the writing and editorial stages. I had a few beta-readers and I made the corrections myself and published it without a professional editor. Big mistake!  I got really good reviews, but I also got a couple, though surprising not many negative ones due to typos. The following year,  the next thing I did was use an editor that had tons of editing experience for business journals, and textbooks, yet not in the genre in that I wrote, contemporary romance. Furthermore, at the time, the fact my former editor had an impressive resume and 20-plus years as an editor, I decided that was enough for me to hire Gary for the 2nd edition.

Fast forward to the present. I began writing the follow-up, Betrayal’s Dust last year. I finished writing book two on schedule in roughly four months. This time, I had thoroughly researched many editors, some highly recommended, others, through research, and narrowed down the choices on who I wanted to work with. I am extremely lucky that the editor I selected to work with was a dream to work with.A young lady, named TS. TS actually started the editing process with working on Betrayal’s Dust first, and afterwards, One Foot Outside The Door.  

The ironic thing was, TS shared with me is that, I’d grown quite a bit since my first novel. There were actually less track changes I had to review or accept for Betrayal’s Dust. It reflected in the invoicing! But let me tell you, when TS did edit, One Foot Outside The Door, there were things that the first editor didn’t catch, and I was horrified, yet humbled that TS was AMAZING, and insightful throughout the arduous process. Her experience as a former Senior Editor of a major publishing house, matched her level of integrity.

One Foot Outside The Door, will be released on 4/15. There are many book tours and events that are upcoming. You can also pre-order on Amazon, and Smashwords. The book is available in digital and print. Links will be posted shortly. In the meantime, to find out more about the current promotion conducted by IndiesAge PR. Please click on the following link:


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  1. I am so glad that you have resurfaced with more material. I can’t wait to see what happens with all of the characters in the story. I pre-ordered on Amazon, and glad that I can download to my Kindle! Welcome back on the scene. You are one of my favorite writers, and love the new book cover:)

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