How can the Detroit Lions win against Pittsburgh or anyone else in 2009

Yesterday evening, I was at a nice restaurant in Novi, enjoying dinner with my son. I then overheard the party sitting across from us totally bashing the Lions. Okay, they deserve it, right? Well, last year, was the winless season that wasn’t, so I would say hell yeah for 2008. However, this is 2009.

I need to clarify my position here. I am not a huge NFL fan. I prefer college football because the players play with more heart, and it is great rooting for them, and seeing them make that transition into the NFL and do some pretty amazing things, in most cases, however, there are some exceptions to the rules, shall we say, Charles Rogers, Joey Harrington?

The problem here is that this playful group of ten were from Pittsburgh and they had driven down to cheer for the Steelers and a comment that came from one of the gentlemen, was that they were here to watch the Lions lose. Ouch! A statement made was,”How could they win? They don’t know what that means, look at their owner!”

My goal for this evening was to have a great dinner, and a glass of wine, and just chill. Trust me, that so went out of the window, the chill part, at least! These idiots felt entitled to a win, and pre-celebratory drinks were flowing all over. I want to examine the question that was posed by the Steelers fan because it opens up a dialogue that could ignite something, at least from my prospective.

How can the Detroit Lions win,  and I am not talking about just against the Steelers? First, let’s start with their name. According to Webster’s definition, a person who resembles a lion has the strength and ferocity as the animal itself. Sorry to say, but none of the Lion’s players with the exception of Kevin Smith, pop into my mind.

Hey Coach Swartz, can you remind the team of this in meetings? Can you take the players out on a field trip to the Detroit Zoo perhaps, to show them how a real Lion roars, and is feared, and revered because of its character? I would love to see the Lions live up to their name and play with such fierceness that earns them respect, initially for themselves, and I am sure it will trickle down to both the fans and foes.

The symbol of the lion itself, is much like that of the unionized, blue-collar spirit city of Detroit, and the surrounding surburban areas. There is strength, and courage despite hard economic times, that will recover in time, but never at the capacity in which it was in the past. Detroiters (this includes everyone within the tri-county areas) are fierce, and when they fall, they get back up, and find a way to get it done. No excuses!

So, the comment I posted above from the Steelers fan, “How can they win? They don’t know what that means, look at their owner?” My response is the Lions can start from the beginning, by learning what the lion really resembles, other than a team name, and to take pride to have such a name bestowed upon them. Secondly, I hope the Lions don’t look at their owner, Mr. Ford, as motivation for winning. Instead, I hope as they drive down Woodard Avenue viewing the beauty and the apparent blight on their way to Ford Field, that they are motivated by the support of fans of all economic backgrounds who are resilient and in their own personal life, play to win. No excuses! That, my friend is a good start.

The Steeler fans are a passionate group of “folks”, as I would like to use another expletive word, but I will refrain from this, at this time. Besides, some words in my opinion, are better spoken in person, than written, as there is power in the interpretation and delivery that can leave a lasting effect.

The hypocrisy of adultery: Rielle Hunter & John Edwards

Well, here we go again about yet another high profile sex scandal. This time, the culprit is John Edwards, the former senator from North Carolina and some washed up, trashy looking bitch. I must say this for the record, I would never knowingly screw someone else’s husband. There are way too many available men on the market that I could have right at my fingertips and for that reason, I wouldn’t take that route.

Here is a married man alert, so men, please pay attention. If a woman says that she is comfortable committing adultery with you because the sex is so amazingly good, and she really doesn’t need a man in her life other than for a good time, don’t buy into it.

Edwards was looking for a temporary distraction to help balance the stresses that comes with dealing with a spouse that is fighting a serious battle with cancer. He should have found another way of channeling his energies. Rielle couldn’t resist the temptation of having someone of Edwards caliber pay any attention to her and pounced on the opportunity.

I wasn’t there with them, but you can believe that Ms. Hunter lived up to her last name by assuring Edwards she would be discreet, whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, would be fine for her. I imagine she probably even had the nerve to say that she didn’t have time for a relationship and this arrangement would work to both of their advantage.

I am sure John Edwards rarely gave Rielle a second thought,unless it had to do with sex. But unlike him, this manipulative, lying witch probably longed for Edwards in the wee hours of the night when she was all alone, possibly plotting to get pregnant despite the fact, Edwards was already married with children.  This clearly was a desperate attempt to be a part of someone’s life who already had one, at any cost.

As a female, I am pissed that a woman would fuck someone’s husband, and especially without a condom! There needs to be a sisterhood between women that we protect each other, and not try to destroy someone’s home by humiliating ourselves for an orgasm.

There is a fine line men need to walk when they cheat. If you cheat on your spouse more than once with the same woman, that is foolish because most women are emotional, and despite what they develop feelings and might want more. If that happens, an erection isn’t the only thing that may be hard, so please think about that before you unzip your pants!

Character Interview featuring Cyndarella Worthy of One Foot Outside The Door

I recently completed a character interview with Cyndarella Worthy of One Foot Outside The Door for This is a great opportunity to get into the mind of Cyndarella and I hope you not only take the time to read it, but enjoy it as well. Here is the link of the interview. Enjoy!

Rev. Jeremiah Wright is Coming to town

It was announced earlier today that Rev. Wright would be attending a NAACP annual dinner as a keynote speaker in Detroit on April 27, 2008. So, what I want to discuss is a  number of items that popped into my head as this news blared from my car stereo this morning. <p>

Senator Obama is running a campaign based on change, I get that part. I hope that Wright does too. Last Friday, April 4, 2008, marked the 40th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assasination. Could you imagine if Rev. Wright appeared before the group of I am sure a record number of more than 10,000 with a rabbi, priest, and other influential religious leaders and apologized for the offensive sermons he preached in the pulpits?<p>

Within the past 40 years since King’s death, racist issues hasn’t gone away because it has not been addressed in a way that would bring healing. Dr. Wright  provoked much anger, yet there seems to be a fascination with the minister and he should use this tool as a way of helping heal the divide across the lines. Granted, Wright isn’t Superman by any means. Albeit, he is one person who could help heal a wounded nation by reaching out to other religious leaders and working hard to come together instead of encouraging divide. Dr. King would be proud.<p>

History could very well be in the making here. However, at what cost? Rev. Wright is a brillant scholar, with  exemplary military honor. Yet, I am sure that he has, as many others been subjected to things that have made him angry throughout the years, and as real as those feelings are, they can no longer be allowed to accumulate. It is baggage from yesterday which we cannot take into the present. Let’s keep in mind, lots of us weren’t there when it happened. Yet, because of stories we’ve heard from family & friends, or individual personal experiences, we share a bond of familiarity with Rev. Wright that indeed does hurt at some point, but then, you move on. <p>

So, when Rev. Wright gets up in front of thousands and stands before members of the NAACP and hungry news channels like CNN, Fox, and others, I want him to know that I am looking forward to him being an agent of attitudinal change for the next 40 years, not for the past. He can’t erase that. However, he can bring forth so much more and leave a lasting legacy that is truly bigger than he could have ever imagined it to be.<p>

Detroit is being pulled through the mud because of a selfish, scandulous mayor who refuses to step down from office. It would be best if Wright would concentrate on the nation, and not the city of Detroit’s personal dealings, meaning this should not be a Kodak moment for Kilpatrick. We are the laughing stock of the country and will continue to be until the case is settled in court.

High profile men who cheat and the women who stay with them

2008 has started off with a bang of sorts. In January, 2008, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s affair with his Chief of Staff, Christine Beatty was exposed via text messages sent between the two. Kilpatrick and Beatty publicly denied having an affair repeatedly, even under oath in the Fall of 2007. There was no doubt about the level of intimacy shared between Beatty and Kilpatrick. Beatty was more than a piece of ass to the mayor. She was his friend, lover, and confidante.

Excuse me, but aren’t those traditionally roles held by wives?

Kilpatrick apologized to his wife Carlita and jointly they said they were committed to working on their marriage. There is a certain comfort Beatty provided Kilpatrick that he wasn’t getting at home. This went much deeper than Beatty’s vagina.

Can an affair be forgiven? It will take work, but yes you can forgive.

However, the caveat is that you can’t ask for forgiveness if you happen to love another woman. The affair can stop, but feelings don’t just go away because you say the act of the affair is over.

The sad thing is when children are involved, they become the motivation to remain committed to family. But what message does that send to sons and daughters? Will these hurt children one day afflict this same pain on their spouses because of what they were exposed to as children?

Silda Spitzer appeared sedated and dazed as she stood beside her husband the governor of New York as he resigned from office.  In both cases, Carlita and Silda have lots in common. Kwame had affairs, the Governor Spitzer, hired prostitutes. $85,000 of services were traced. I’d like to see an itemized statement of this out of curiosity, I mean really. However, Kwame Kilpatrick, unlike Governor Spitzer continues to blame other people, including the media for exposing his affair. This story continues to play out and is not over. Governor Spitzer was forced to resigned and for now is out of the spotlight momentarily. 

I think it would have made a stronger statement if Carlita and Silda had not stood by their husband’s side and stayed home out of sight with their children to shield them from the actions of their father. This reflects the attitude of what most women may have done. Their absence would have sent a message to not only women but also perhaps to some men if not already in a similar position, that they might want to think again before risking it all.

Text Message Scandal in Detroit

This is something I had to write about due to the volume of calls and e-mails I have received from friends, relatives, and business associates across the country.

“What the hell is going on with the mayor in the D?”

This is how one friend put it. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his then Chief of Staff, Christine Beatty lied under oath about their affair. How much did it cost to cover up their affair? $9 Million dollars at the expense of city taxpayers. 

Of course, this is a case that never had to make it to trial. Unfortunately, due to the arrogance of the mayor, who believes that the residents of Detroit will believe anything he tells them because lets not forget here, he is Black, just like the majority of the citizens of the city. It is insulting to insinuate that the only people who are repulsed by this situation are not black, they are only white or black suburban residents who don’t live in the city of Detroit and should just keep their mouths closed.

This is such bullshit!

In a recent state of address to the city, Kilpatrick used the n-word to describe racial names he had and his family had been called. Clearly, this was not a place to make this kind of statement. Again, this is the same man who said in an open apology aired locally on ABC, NBC, Fox 2  and nationally CNN, last month to his wife, family and the citizens of Detroit to leave his family alone. Yet, he himself put them front and center when the camera showed Kilpatrick’s wife and sons as he vented on.

Progress in Detroit has been slow, yet business people from all ethnic backgrounds have come together to invest in and build in Detroit and move it forward. Roger Penske, Bill Ford, Mike Illitch, Dave Bing, Derrick Coleman, Jerome Bettis, just to name a few. So what does this mean? Kwame Kilpatrick’s race has not prohibited him from building relationships with influential people to advance Detroit. Race has nothing to do with your actions. Correct me if I am wrong, but there were only two people involved in the affair. Their lies to cover it up, wasn’t worth another black eye to a city Forbes magazine recently named as the most miserable city on earth.


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